BPCC Healthcare Mgmt Writing Assignment 2 Kendra

Writing/Critical Thinking Assignment #2:  Cultural Competency in Health CareChapter 13Cultural competency is an essential part of closing the gap in the disparity of health care services provided to different groups.  In this activity, you will summarize a short video and provide insight into the role of cultural competency in health care.Step 1:  WatchBecoming a Culturally Competent Nurse (Links to an external site.)Link belowhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r62Zp99U67YStep 2:  Summarize the entire video (not just the first five minutes) in no less than 350 words (paragraph form), then discuss whyyouthink cultural competence is important in health care.  Use Chapter 13 as a resource.This assignment is worth 105 points and is required to pass the class.  This is possibly the easiest 105 points you will ever earn, so take advantage of it!Rubric:Accurate and thorough summary of video: 60Insight regarding cultural competence: 15Grammar/Spelling/Format: 15 points350-word minimum: 15 points

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