Book Review

Book: Other People’s Children: Cultural Conflict in the ClassroomProvides, the title, author(s) and a brief synopsis of the movie, documentary or book contentEvaluate the author’s intentions. What is the author’s primary purpose? What does he or she hope to communicate to the viewer or reader?Highlight its key strengths and weaknessesCalls attention to its scholarly value and relationship to equity and social justice.Gives an opinion (See sample reflection questions below.)Additionally, you will include a reflection that considers the following critical        questions (You do not need to take each question individually and answer it.):What does this have to do with me?How could I explain these concepts to others (parents, students, peers, colleagues, etc.)?What emotions are conjured up as I read? What’s that about?What can I change about my practice, curricula, relationships, and policies?How can I use this to center my teaching on my most marginalized students?How does this connect with previous things I’ve learned?How much more is there to learn?Who can I share this with?How can I lead my peers in taking up this work?

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