blog 2 listical orientation amp training


For this assignment, you are to write a blog post that is in the popular format of a ‘listical’ – half article and half list. This type of post was made popular by sites such as BuzzFeed with articles like ’27 Reasons why Pizza is the Absolute Best’ or ’12 Items from the Starbucks Secret Menu that are Giving us Life Right Now.’ This format of writing has made the transition into professional blogs as well with articles such as ‘7 questions to never ask on a job interview’ or ’22 benefits your company should be offering, but probably isn’t.’

For this assignment, you will write a list (minimum of 5, no more than 8 items) that is related in someway to orientation and training for volunteers. For each item on your list, be sure to tell why it belongs on your list and how it relates to orientation and training. You should provide a short paragraph discussion for each item on your list.

Sample topics include: ways to make volunteer training fun again, best practices, people to include in orientation, things volunteers need to know on day one, etc. etc. This an opportunity for you to be creative while applying the readings to your work.I expect that your blog post here will contain at least TWO references to outside sources via hyperlinks in the text.

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