Blocks of Teams

Building an effective team is more than just choosing team members, you will to consider many factors.Recall the dynamics of the organization:Organization: Health Care Inc.Employees: 15-20 thousand worldwideEmployee Occupations: Nurses, IT Specialist, Human Resources, Administration Staff, Management, Nursing Assistants (various levels & positions)Goal of team: The business needs to expand to remain competitive in the worldwide marketplace. A team needs to be created to help the organization evaluate, justify, and propose ideas.Business Module: Contract Nurses and Nursing Assistants to organizations worldwide.For the first phase of your project, using your reading and other resources, create your plan for building your team by answering the following:Using the five stages of the team building process, create specific examples work through the stage. For example, what tasks or rules would you establish? please review the attached documents these are the stages we are discussingDecide team size, select team members, and justify section.For example, which employee positions would you include (Nurses, HR, management, etc)Construct a reward system that the team committed to the goals.Develop a strategy to deal with team emotions.From your knowledge of teambuilding so far, prioritize the top three items that will help your team be effective.For example, creating strong team goals will help the team focus on the end results and enhance effectivenesAPA Format with intext citation, reference page

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