biological psychology quiz 10 questions 1

It is a multi-choice questions, but for the study guide, we do not know the options, so you should find the answers from the textbook or readings.


1. In a(n) study, researchers isolate and manipulate an independent variable, holding other variables constant, in order to observe its effect on behavior.

2. In a correlational study:

3. It can be difficult to see individual neurons under a microscope. So, researchers can use a stain, which highlights a few individual neurons against a plain background.

4. The electroencephalogram (EEG) is a device that records:

5. A procedure in which a specific part of an animal’s brain is removed in order to observe its effects is called .

6. Which brain imaging technique uses a series of x-rays, taken in a 360° arc, to produce a three dimensional image showing structures of the brain?

7. Which brain imaging technique allows us to visualize brain activity by measuring oxygen consumption in the brain?

8. Researchers study the effects of hereditary (genetic) factors on behavior using:

9. When researchers use human participants in their studies, the researcher:

10. Which of the following statements about animal experimentation is TRUE?

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