base on the reading and ppt finish the journal

Journal Entry #6: Verbal Communication Based upon Chapter 6 (Verbal Communication) and Lectures: Language and Communication Climates 1. Have you and your Partner ever experienced a “disconnect” due to language? Explain. What caused the difficulty and what would have “fixed” it? 2. Do you agree or disagree with linguistic determinism/linguistic relativity? Give an example of how this concept has played out in your relationship with your Partner. 3. Do you tend to be assertive, aggressive, or passive in how you verbally communicate with your partner? Give an example of when you were not assertive. Why weren’t you? How could you have better asserted yourself? 4. Analyze your relationship with your partner according to Jack Gibb’s communication climates approach. Is your climate generally supportive or defensive? Justify your evaluation with examples from each of the communication behaviors connected with the type of climate chosen (descriptive communication, problem-oriented approach, etc. for supportive, evaluative communication, controlling outcomes, etc. for defensive).

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