assignment for safety security and risk management


Assignments must include:

  • Cover page with your full name; course name and #; assignment; due date.
  • Text should be12 point type, double-spaced.
  • Answers must be paragraphs using complete sentences.
  • Please answer the questions using the number and letter system indicated.
  • Points may be deducted for format, multiple spelling and grammar errors.
  • This is an individual assignment. Your integrity is expected and appreciated.


Please select and research a leader in the Sports, Entertainment or Event Management industry. Based on Chapter 2 of the textbook as well as the March 11 lecture, please answer the following questions.


  1. Personal History

Please thoroughly explain the professional career details of the person that you selected. 20 / ____

2. Leader and/or Manager

Based on the textbook, list and explain three (3) leadership or management characteristics the person you selected has

demonstrated. 15 / ____

3.Leadership Behaviors

Based on the textbook, list and explain three (3) trust-enhancing behaviors that the individual you selected has displayed. 15 / ____

4. Transformational Leadership

Based on the textbook, list and explain three (3) examples of transformative leadership that this person has exhibited.



c. 15 / _____

5. Attributes of an Effective Decision Maker

Based on the textbook, list and explain three (3) attributes thatyou think make this person an effective decision maker.



c. 15 / _____


Based on this assignment, please list and explain five (5) leadership qualities and attributes that you believe you need to develop to help you achieve success in your career.





e .20/ ____

TOTAL POINTS 100 / ____

Chapter 2 Power point is in the file.

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