assignment film tropes

As Kyle Bishop states in his Ted talk on zombie studies, reading and analyzing zombie films can give us the tools to make sense of many of the issues in our own world. Our aim in this unit is to be able to enter into that discussion and to say something substantial, but first it will be necessary to acquaint ourselves with the specific tools of horror film analysis. For this assignment, you will begin to do that by reading over some of the horror tropes in the link provided in the link here. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Read as many as you can, although I know it’s a long list and you won’t be able to read them all.) As you read, pick at least three tropes that you think occur in George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

Once you have at least three tropes from the list that you remember occurring in the film, write a paragraph for each trope, describing what it is, where it occurs in the film (be specific, noting the exact time marker from the Youtube video so that I can check it), and what it does for the film. What is the purpose it is serving? In what way does it make the film scarier? Beyond just being scary, is there anything the trope contributes to the film? (Obviously you don’t have to answer all these questions for each trope, but if you’re having trouble, the questions are there to help you focus your writing).

Nuts and Bolts: Three paragraphs, typed, text entry in the box provided, MLA formatted, 700 words. Remember to cite the specific trope you are referring to from the linked list and to cite the specific time in the film when the trope occurs. Type and save your assignment as a word document. Then, upload the document following the prompts. Do not upload the document in a different format, or I won’t be able to see it, and I will give it a zero until you upload it properly, following the instructions given here.

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