ASSIGNMENT DUE IN 48 HOURS.. INSTRUCTIONS ARE ATTACHED.. RESOURCES ARE BELOW:Required ResourcesTextPiper, T. (2015). Language, learning, and culture: English language learning in today’s schools. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.eduChapter 3: The English Language LearnerChapter 5: Teaching English Language LearnersArticleRymniak, M. (2011). Adult ESL classroom strategies and lesson ideas (Links to an external site.). In A toolkit for ESL practitioners: Supporting skilled immigrants. Retrieved from chapter provides information and strategies that are important for teaching adult ELLs and will help you complete the Comprehensible Input and Sheltered Instruction discussion if you are choosing to learn about teaching adult ELLs.MultimediaFilms Media Group (Producer). (2004). Differentiated instruction and the English language learner [Video file]. Differentiated instruction and the English Language. video explains important concepts for teaching ELLs and will help you on the Week 2 Discussion and the Final Paper.Accessibility Statement (Links to an external site.)Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.)Pinker, S. (2005, July). What our language habits reveal (Links to an external site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from video will provide information about the process of learning language based on our thinking about language. It will help you with your Language Construction discussion..Accessibility Statement does not exist.Privacy Policy (Links to an external site.)Westergaard, C. [Chris Westergaard]. (2015, March 14). ESL beginner lesson demo (Chris Westergaard)  (Links to an external site.)[Video file]. Retrieved from video will show you a beginning adult ESL lesson plan using comprehensible input and practice. You will watch a lesson in action that will help you answer the questions for the Teaching Observation assignment this week.Accessibility Statement (Links to an external site.)Privacy Policy

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