Assignment 9544

1- assignment about the management issue i will send all my document in files but i should writ about some company is called schlumberger in Oman, write in general about the subject first then write about the company.

2- only you have write about 2 thinks:

A- Discussion of business ethics management. (2500 words only)

B- Discussion of diversity management programme.

There is some point under each subject i will send with the document.

3- you have write interdiction , first paragraph , second paragraph , conclusion.

4- refrains.

5- my assignment when you finish from it i have to submit it in turntin and that websaid its looking or searching in all of my assignment if i take it from if i taken from any resource( internet, students …) so you have be careful in that to not become high parentage.

plase i wanna get good mark in this assignment i will send in paper all what you need to do in this assignment and how to get good mark so red full and let me know.

i will send links for the schlumberger omani company to take the information from there and for the general information you have look from your recourse.

This is company link:

for the Discussion of diversity management programme you have see in this link:…

for the Discussion of diversity management programme.…

page 2 to 6 steps of the assignment page 7 what you have write in my assignment.

thank you

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