assignment 6 mid term response

Meshes of the Afternoon (1943, Dere/Hammid, score: Teiji Ito, 1959):Meshes of the Afternoon (1943, Dere/Hammid, score: Teiji Ito, 1959):Meshes of the Afternoon (1943, Dere/Hammid, score: Teiji Ito, 1959):Meshes of the Afternoon (1943, Dere/Hammid, score: Teiji Ito, 1959):Below are the guidelines for the mid-term response:

1. Select three films that best “worked” for you, from the first half of the semester (up through session 7, our screenings for each week are listed in the Discussion thread); you may also consider some of the short pieces we viewed and discussed.

Reconsider your initial assumptions/expectations regarding film and music, and the notion of “travels with music” in light of your selections – how does our theme reflect itself in the films you’ve chosen; contemplate briefly why these particular films resonated with you. What aspects of these films, in relation to music/sound, engaged you? Would have they worked as well with a different approach/use of the music and sound? Are there any works that were carried, in essence, by their aural elements – work driven by the aural and not visual? Or works which arranged/presented the visual within a musical structure?

Then, consider one or two works that didn’t work, and likewise, consider why that was. How did the sound/music impact your issues with the film? Would changes in the sound have altered your perspective?

2. Memorable moments, a brief memory test of the musical and visual: from our screenings, for each of our seven sessions, list example or two of musical activity or musical space (ideally, see if you can recall one or two moments from each feature we’ve screened) – or, a moment that stays in the mind due to a particular score/sound, from our films. Give brief description of each recollection (ca a dozen, if you can recall that many), and contemplate why this has remained in memory. Which of these most resonate with you, and why? If you’d like, you can also attach jpegs or screenshots of these particular images/moments.

3. Projects & Artifacts: Select three artifacts/links/sites, from either the projects, readings, or photography sections, and briefly discuss (a paragraph for each) what you consider their relation(s) to our screenings the first half of the semester.

4. Contemplate the relationship of music to new media and social network platforms/sites/devices. What’s out there today? What were some older platforms that you either used or still use? List these, then select at least one app, social network platform, etc. to briefly explore, and discuss how it is using music/sound, and in what way this might (or might not, regardless of the hype) be changing our experiece/perspective of musical culture and/or space. Is there also a visual or mapping component to the platform you’ve selected?

Also indicate what demographics your selection is attempting to reach, and how it is being marketed/promoted. Do your friends, family, peers use it?

In all, look for at least 5-8 pages for submission by Saturday, March 16, 9:00pm.


Meshes of the Afternoon (1943, Dere/Hammid, score: Teiji Ito, 1959)

Detour (1945)

To Hear Your Banjo Play (1946, Willard Van Dyke & Irving Lerner, USA, 16m)

I choose 2 films and 1 video for u, u can google it and watched those sources for finished the mid-term response.

Plz following the requirment.

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