assignment 1236

You may use any of the resources below or find you own. After conducting several searches on eating disorders, write an essay that addresses the following questions. Use each questions as a heading in your essay. Remember to include APA citations.

1. Definitions and symptoms of eating disorders

2. Medical complications from eating disorders

3. Biological and sociocultural factors for eating disorders

4.Treatment for eating disorders

Websites for research (if any of the cites are not available you can locate our own):

National Institute of Mental Health

Academy for Eating Disorders

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

National Eating Disorders Association

You Tube — Demi Lovato Talks About Eating Disorder (2013)

Essay must no less than 5 paragraphs, plus reference page(s). All questions must be used as headings. Remember to create citations in the body of your work

Watch VideoDemi Lovato Talks About Eating Disorder (2013)

To open video, copy and paste title into a new browser or go to You Tube and paste the title into the search bar.

Duration: (3:48)
User: ichoosepeople – Added: 5/30/13

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