Work as a team to complete a Lean Six Sigma implementation case.  EVERYONE will interview two different person(s) who have experienced or associated with the Lean, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma implementation project.  The interviews can be via phone, f2f meeting, or video conference and focus on the following topics:-  The project’s objectives and outcomes (successful/failure), brief explaining methodology-  The roles of this person in the project-  Any forces and factors enabling the implementation process-  Any barriers or obstacles that limited or constrained the process-  Any techniques/tools and relevant metrics used by the organizationSection 1 – brief description of all interviews following the above topics-  Section 2 – drawing tables/figures finding similarities and differences of these interviews focusing on forces and factors enabling the implementation, as well as the barriers or obstacles that limited or constrained the process. Any other useful information on Lean Six Sigma implementation process should be presented.A list of reference noting the interviews conducted (names of individuals and organizations can be masked), data utilized, and additional source materials cited or consulted.QUESTIONS WHICH HAVE TO BE ASKED ARE LISTED IN BELOW ATTACHED PHOTO

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