assets protection

This week we end our course by looking at the important topics of Ambiguous Threats and how to garner influence in a corporate or organizational environment – often a very frustrating challenge for security professionals.

We will also compare assets protection in different industry sectors. You can do some independent research on assets protection in other industry sectors. These may include the banking/financial industry, high-tech, food industry, transportation (passenger or cargo), retail, manufacturing, entertainment, education, aerospace, publishing or others. It is important to recognize that, in some respects, security is security no matter where you are or what you’re doing. However, in other ways each type of business has its own unique character, environmental factors, culture and issues that directly affect how the assets protection function is carried out. This week I’d like you to think about these similarities and differences.

After looking over the reading assignment for this week and re-reading the last two readings from Week 3, write a 2 page paper comparing the nature of “assets protection” in the hospital environment to the nature of “assets protection” in your own industry sector, or another industry sector of your choice (e.g., schools, manufacturing, retail, transportation [passenger or cargo], high-tech, financial/banking, entertainment, etc.). Include some outside research on the industry sector you select. Some of the factors you may want to address are size of industry, domestic or international, type of employees, type of customers, openness of facilities, typical security measures, types of assets to protect, etc.

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