Ultimately, this assessment will be in the form of a thorough Literature Review, which may easily include several dozen sources.When you write your dissertation, one full chapter will be devoted to an extensive Literature Review. At this point in your studies, you will be asked to complete a much briefer Literature Assessment. This assignment will be less comprehensive and less detailed than a full Literature Review, but it will help you begin to think a bit more broadly about a body of scholarly literature.If you choose your literature thoughtfully, this assignment can be an important first step toward identifying and assessing literature that will be relevant to your dissertation.InstructionsIn this assignment you will assess ten or more scholarly sources relevant to a topic that you may research for your dissertation. These ten sources may include – but are not required to include – the sources you used in your Annotated Bibliography assignment. Your Literature Assessment should:·  Explore common themes, assumptions, or approaches in the sources you cover;·  Assess common weaknesses or limitations in the sources you cover;·  Identify implications of your Literature Assessment for your future research.o  Are there common sources you see cited across this literature that seem to be highly influential and worth your attention?o  Are there common conclusions in this literature about future research that might be warranted?o  Are there common errors or oversights that may need to be corrected?Your Literature Assessment assignment should be presented in current APA format. It should be at least eight pages of content in length, not including your cover page.

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