asian american educational achievement

Now that you have familiarized yourself with Amy Chua’s article, I’d like you to next turn your focus to actual peer-reviewed research that has been conducted in this area. One such source is psychologist Su Yeong Kim who published her research back in 2013 critically examining the claims around “tiger parenting.” While you are encouraged to read the original manuscript (Links to an external site.), originally published in the Asian American Journal of Psychology, I have included a more accessible essay published in the American Psychological Association’s Developmental Psychologist (Links to an external site.) as well as her interview on National Public Radio (Links to an external site.) (you can listen to the audio or read the transcript) for you to peruse.

Next, you should also read the included excerpt from Jennifer Lee and Min Zhou’s book The Asian American Achievement Paradox (Links to an external site.), which is from the introduction. The introduction briefly overviews some of the issues that they want to address, underlying assumptions, and the parameters of their own research and analysis.

Once you have read those pieces, you will be prepared for this week’s discussion prompt:

Based on your reading of Kim, Lee, and Zhou’s research, discuss what conclusions were the most surprising or interesting to you: How did their analysis compare or contrast with your own assumptions of Asian American achievement? What might be other areas that they could also explore to further their conclusions? Again, think about your own personal reflections rather than summarizing the points made by the researchers.…

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