articles film powerpoint review respond

Final Paper Outline:

  1. Introduction and what overarching theme or key concept (e.g., intersectionality) you plan to explore.
  2. Summarize your selected materials (articles, films, and PowerPoints) and highlight why these key ideas or concepts are important and how they helped you better understand race, ethnicity, and inequality more generally.
  3. In conclusion, make sure to share what surprised you the most about the materials you incorporated, and any personal connections you made between the materials you select.

Don’t forget the following:

-Cover page clearly identifying the concepts you aim to explore (e.g., race in the media, anti-racism, prison industrial complex, etc.)

-Clearly bold each of the 4 articles, 4 class films, and 4 PowerPoints the *first time* you reference them and include them in your reference list.

-You do not have a page count for your concepts paper; you are simply required to address all of the above. Generally, if you adequately address all of the requirements of this portion of your paper, you will most likely complete 4-5 pages in length.

– Properly cite all sources throughout your document, and include a reference list.

– Show proof of NetTutor, Writing Center Tutoring review, Grammaly, or another program to ensure your paper is well-written and that there is no plagiarism.

4 required articles:…………

4 required powerpoints…………

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