Article review

Choose just one of the articles from the list located at the end of the instructions. Don’t worry too much about the statistical portion of the results. Just skim the statistical section since the authors will also summarize their results in words.

In your paper, first list the title of the article you have chosen. Then explain, in your own words
a. What was the researcher’s question or hypothesis (there may be more than one)?
b. What was the independent variable? What was the dependent variable (s)?
c. Who were the participants?
d. How did the researchers measure each of the key variables?
e. What method did they use to test their hypothesis?
f. What were their results?
g. What suggestions did they provide for future research?
h. Your reactions to the research: Did anything surprise you? Do you think they used an appropriate method? If not, what would you have done differently? What would you suggest for future research on this topic?

Articles from which to choose:
Ashby, J. S., Rice, K. G., & Kutchins, C. B. (2008). Matches and
mismatches: Partners, perfectionism, and premarital
adjustment. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 55(1), 125-132.

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