art 21 discussion

For this discussion I want you to:

1. Pick one artist from the list and watch the corresponding video clip. If there are further links about that artist, go to them to get more information about him/her. You must choose a visual artist, not a musician or performance artist.

2. Then, post what you’ve learned about that artist and their work: describe their work and their approach and philosophy to making art. Your post is going to be fairly lengthy. Give us some biographical information as well.

3. Then, read some of the posts your classmates have made about the artists they’ve chosen.

4. Out of the postings you read, pick two postings; look at those artists’ work in the Art 21 site and respond to the postings with your own opinion.

To summarize: 1) Find an artist whose work interests you in Art 21. 2) Tell us about that artist through your post. 2) Read some of your classmate’s postings about the artists they’ve chosen. 3)Pick two that compel you to respond and post your comments. ( Look at those artists work in the Art 21 site first.)

I hope that you find this discussion topic interesting. Make sure that the artist you pick is a visual artist, not a performance or vocal artist.

Also: see Conceptual Art under the Art Resources (see course menu)

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