art 101 history and appreciation of art i 3

How did the pilgrimages and crusades change, develop, or affect the art during the Romanesque period?

You must cite 2 examples from your study guide (if you desire, you may choose one that is not on your study guide but is included in the chapter) that illustrate Romanesque qualities or characteristics that were related to or developed because of the 11th and 12th century pilgrimages and crusades to the Holy Lands.

Please consider the following: What characteristics do the objects/architecture possess that help tell the story of the pilgrimages or crusades? Are they stylistic? utilitarian? Were the characteristics, for example of a church plan or exterior decoration, created to accommodate, educate, inspire pilgrims or crusaders? Were the Romanesque qualities just aesthetic or did they specifically serve a purpose?

Be sure you understand the meanings/purposes of pilgrimages and crusades before you write the essay. I want detailed descriptions of each object/building (dates, locations) and explanations of how the characteristics relate to the topic. Remember to proofread – read it aloud and listen for awkward sentences! Please use spellcheck.

300-400 words should suffice. You should always include an introductory statement and a conclusion.

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