argument analysis essay 6


Write a four-page double-spaced argument analysis paper of at least 1000 words in which you analyze the letter of the clergymen and the letter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. found in Chapter 8. Put the letters in historical context by describing the rhetorical situation, with particular emphasis on the exigencies, the audiences, and the constraints. Explain the issue from both points of view. Summarize the positions taken on the issue in both letters. State the claims in both letters. Describe and evaluate the support, warrants, and backing in both. Identify any fallacies and describe how the authors use rebuttal. Finally, evaluate the ethical or unethical qualities that appear in these letters and write a conclusion in which you make a claim about the relative effectiveness of the two letters.


Introduction: Follow the underlined instructions in the prompt.

Body Paragraphs: Follow the bolded instructions in the prompt.

Conclusion: Follow the italicized instructions in the prompt.


• MLA Format with Works Cited page with 2 cited sources

• Use of all of the special terms mentioned in the prompt and of specific types of claims and support/proof with proper textual evidence.

• Cite sources in text as either (Clergymen pg#) or (King pg#)

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