anxiety among children k to 12

Technically you need to combine the 3 papers attached and add 5 more pages to make it 20 pages. FOLLOW EXACT DIRECTIONS AND APA STYLE AND FORMAT. USE THE SAME QUOTATION AND ADD MORE TO MATCH THE REQUIRED AMOUNT. Ask me any questions you might have. All paper needs to be about ANXIETY AMONG CHILDREN FROM K-12.

I ATTACHEd: INTRODUCTION AND 2 Papers. Combine them ad add 5 more pages, do not make major changes.

The culminating argumentative paper is a strategic reordering of the first four papers, with the addition of an introduction and discussion/conclusion.

The final discussion is a concluding argument revealing a “defensible solution” to the healthcare topic, supported by the “evidence” explained in the first four papers.

  • Revise and re-order each of the informative papers you have composed THE 2 PAPERS ATTACHED for the course, placing them in a strategic arrangement that supports the final section of this final paper, your argument for a “defensible solution” to the health care issue you have studied, researched, and written about. As a result, this final paper will be comprehensive and summative.
  • Important: this final paper should include a newly composed introductory section, and a final conclusion section which presents your discussion of (and argument for) the solution. Your argument for the defensible solution that you propose should be the focus of this paper.

Your paper must:

  • Be 15–20 pages in length
    • Title page (1 page)
    • Introduction (1–2 pages)
    • Reworked informative papers (10-15 pages)
    • Conclusion (1–2 pages)
    • References page (1–2 pages)
  • Reference 12–15 scholarly, peer-reviewed resources (compiled by combining all of the references from your Perspective of Inquiry papers and any additional resources you use in this final paper.)
  • Follow all APA formatting guidelines for this paper, with each of your previous four papers being presented as “sections” of this fifth paper, using Level 1 headings.
  • Use the provided template. Click for more options

Refer to the rubric for evaluation details and to assist in preparing the paper.

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