anthropology writing assignment 03

Search the internet to locate information about one archaeological site that interests you.

One purpose of this week’s project is to bring to your attention the significance of individual, single archaeological sites that typically serve as the primary data source for much archaeological endeavor. While we take into consideration many sites in looking for regional cultural patterns, much of the evidence we focus on initially comes from excavations or other investigations in individual sites. These places, sites, are sources of material culture remains, such as artifacts and features; evidence of diet and resource use; sometimes human remains; and environmental data.

Write a double-spaced report, of 2 full pages, word count at least 650, discussing:

  1. a brief definition of “archaeological site (2 pts);”
  2. what type of site you found (city, burial, tomb, quarry, ancient campsite, house site, for example; 5 pts);
  3. briefly, why you selected this particular site (4 pts)
  4. a comparison you can make to a place you read about in Chapter 1 of your text (4 pts), Chapter 1 book link: :…

Provide the bibliographic reference for the book, or the url web page link in your written assignment.

Additional resources:




Remember, for question 4, must use one comparison from Chapter 1 from the book.

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