answer within a page

  • What type of industry will best benefit from this panal? What types of ships
  • What is transhipment? What is Load centering? What area is mentioned that does this LSCM activity?
  • At 49:58, what did Wainio say about the combination of transportation options? Describe


  • What is a logistics hub?
  • At 53:30 min, what is the canal expansion going to describe Panama as?
  • What is the implication of this point? What does this mean to global U.S. companies?
  • What did you see as the difference between the older canal opening and the more recent one? What are thoughts on the differences? What is the implication to global LSCM companies.
  • What are your thoughts about viewing the extent of the panama extension project?
  • Now you have watched the video, what are thoughts about interntional infrastructures?
    • Interntional LSCM has the ability to influence National infrastructures to support the growth of LSCM. Example the impact it has for a small country like panama.
  • To summarize how will you describe the impact of this information on the Panama canal to your added global LSCM knowledge?

Have you drawn your supply chain chart and map? Does your company utilize the panama canal? How? Describe

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