answer the questions 291


In 175-200 words –

  • Briefly define what is meant by a “narrative” as defined by our reading this week.
  • Identify a group of people about whom a limiting narrative or “single story” is told by (believed by) our culture.
    • For example, those with disabilities, veterans, migrants, women, men, LGBTQ+ individuals, those who espouse gun control or freedom or who share particular views of the environment, Democrats, Republicans, millennials, Muslims, those who wear a hijab, or those with drug addictions, cognitive difference, mental illness or those who are homeless.
  • Explain a “single story” or false narrative we tell/believe about this group.
  • Explain how we should re-think our narrative about this group. What should we know?
  • Explain what interests you about this group and why you might like to research more about this for Essay Two.



  • Identify two ideas from each of the following that demonstrate what you’ve learned from them, appreciated, or have questions about:
    • They Say/I Say, Introduction
    • They Say/I Say, Chapter One
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