answer each of the following topics reconstruction immigration industrialization labor and women with details

Answer each question completely in paragraph format. Do not use bullet points. Each answer should be approximately 1 double-spaced page in length. Use course materials only. Do not use outside sources. Make sure to answer each in detail with examples from the readings/videos. Make sure to mention where the information is coming from.

1. Reconstruction: Discuss Reconstruction. What was the initial purpose? What were some of the successes of Reconstruction? How did Black Americans take positive steps to improve their role in society? What was the backlash? Provide at least tow examples and explain.

2. Immigration: Discuss the external factors that motivated immigrants to come to the U.S. in the late 1800s. What were some of the hardships and prejudices faced by European Immigrants versus Chinese Immigrants? Explain some of the anti-Immigrant movements.

3. Industrialization/Labor: Explain the development of Industrialization after the Civil War. What technologies allowed for increased industrialization? What were some of the main industries and how did monopolies develop? What were some of the negative effects on workers? Provide one example of a workers strike or reform movement.

4. Women: Discuss the role of women in political movements prior to 1920. What types of issues or reforms did they fight for? Give a few detailed examples. How did women’s roles in World War 1 both civilian and military help their fight for the vote?



“Eric Foner. Give Me Liberty: An American History, Volume 2″

Here’s some articles and videos that will help you find the answers.

Question 1:

Question 4:

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