answer each manegement question in a short paragraph make answer simple but accurate

Answer each Manegement question in a short paragraph, Make answer simple but accurate. Put answers in questions file, If you need there is a book related. No need for any citation.

Chapter 1

  • Do corporate mission statements really matter? Justify your response with concrete industry examples.
  • Explain how corporate governance mechanisms are used in the strategic management process. Illustrate the role of each stakeholder with industry examples.
  • Why do organizations need three types of leaders (local line leaders, executive leaders, internal networkers)? Use industry examples to support your answer.
  • Define strategy and objectives. Give an example of each for a soft drink company, such as Pepsi. Spell out the five objectives represented by the acronym: SMART. Give an example of each for Pepsi (SMART criteria: Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic, Timely).

Chapter 2

  • Using the five-forces model, explain a potential reason why Alaska Airlines purchased Virgin America in December 2016.
  • Using the five-forces model, explain how the threat of new entrants might affect a U.S.-based manufacturer of lead acid batteries used for industrial storage.

What is the difference between the demographic segment and the sociocultural segment in the list of general environment factors that impact the strategy and performance of a firm? Provide specific examples to support your discussion.

Fast fashion retailer success depends upon the ability to spot trends. Explain this in terms of environmental scanning, monitoring and collecting of competitive intelligence. Use an example to support your argument. Companies such as H&M and Zara fall into this category but there are many other competitors.

Chap 3

  • Chipolte is a fast-food, Mexican cuisine restaurant that bases its value-creating activities on streamlined operations. Discuss this value-chain primary activity and how Chipolte uses it to its advantage?
  • There are two levels of relationships among value-chain activities. Discuss the differences and provide an example of each.
  • Explain the difference between tangible and intangible resources. Provide an example of each.
  • Discuss the four criteria that the resources of a firm must possess to maintain a sustainable advantage. Give an example of one of these criteria.
  • A firm’s financial position should not be analyzed in isolation. Important reference points are needed. Discuss how historical comparisons, comparisons with industry norms, and comparisons with key competitors can be used to make financial analysis more meaningful.
  • Why does employee turnover matter to a company? What are some of the reasons why employees leave and what might entice the desirable potential boomerang employee to return?
  • If financial rewards are a vital organizational control mechanism (whether in the form of salary, bonus, stock options or the like), why is paying people more seldom the most important factor in attracting and retaining human capital?

Explain this statement: A primary benefit of the balanced scorecard is that it complements financial indicators with operational measures of customer satisfaction, internal processes, and the innovation and improvement activities of the organization.

Chapter 4

A recent study by Deloitte and the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative shows that Millennials, in general, see the concepts of diversity and inclusion as very different. What are the implications for a company in terms of culture and innovation?

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