answer all the questions and 2 little essay

1.Complete the Internet/Excel Exercises on page 62 of the textbook. Complete Problems: 1,2,3.You can use other online resources just remember to state them. These should include the most recent information you find and summarized in your own words. # total of 250 words use your own words,this will go through turnitin.

2,Online Articles on Page 94 complete any 5 of 10 listed. Include any related current events and provide links and most important discuss your opinions. 250words

4. Complete the following two essays to complete. The length of each essay should be one side of one page. Remember to provide examples and your own opinions.

A.Exchange Rates- currencies are important to an MNC corporation earnings. What do you feel about the global foreign exchange market? Pick a county and briefly discuss its performance of its currency in relation to the USA dollar.


B.Should a country (choose any outside the US) be forced to alter the value of its currency? Revaluation – is to Appreciate and/or Devaluation –is to Depreciate its currency and why? Give your own example of when and why or why not a country should alter its currency?

#250 words

All question must use APA FORMAT

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