ans 409 is age at menopause fixed or variable among women 3 pages


After birth in humans, mice or farm animals (pick one species), do numbers of ovarian follicles increase, decrease or remain unchanged during aging? (Professor Feedback: correct answer, but figure only shows theoretical line and not real data that depicts changes in number of follicles)

Is age at menopause fixed or variable among women? Provide a figure or table showing scientific proof of your answer. (PF: answer needs improvement, use data for age at menopause at different ages not averages for countries. explanation of numbers etc. in parenthesis isn’t clear. the average age for menopause ranged 49-52. the range at menopause for individuals is much greater).

Identify a specific gene with a direct (cause and effect) impact on number of primordial follicles in the ovarian reserve. (PF: data presented are correlative. to improve use cause and effect studies that evaluated the direct effect of a gene on number of primordial follicles)

Identify a biomarker that is predictive of size of the ovarian reserve and ovarian response to superovulation (or assisted reproductive technologies, ART). (PF: interpretation of data in figure is incorrect. as AMH increases so do number of eggs collected. also need to reference that AMH is a biomarker for size of the ovarian reserve)

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