annotated bibliography 600

Annotated Bibliography

•Select a topic related to the environment–review materials in Paper 2 folder for help

•Research that topic and select three to four articles that you believe will be useful to use as resources for your research paper (Paper 3)

•Read the articles you’ve selected to make sure you have a good understanding of them

•For each article you will write a one paragraph summary of the article (in

your own words) You will then write a second paragraph explaining why

this article will be helpful to you when you write your paper

•The format of Paper 2 is APA style, follow the format for a title page–you do not need an abstract page or a reference page

•Articles and their annotations (summaries) will be listed in alphabetical order by author’s last name

•The page length for this paper should be at least 3 pages, but can be longer.

Make sure you include three to four articles in your paper

Library Databases

Below are six library databases to use to find articles for your annotated bibliography and research paper:

•Academic Search Complete

•Credo Reference


•Newspaper Source Plus

•Sustainability Reference Center

•US Major Dailies

If you find another database that’s helpful to your research that is certainly fine. Make sure with any database that you select

full text articles to save for your papers.

Keep in mind that Paper 2 and Paper 3 are APA style, so when using these databases save your citations in APA format. This will save you some time when you write your paper because you won’t have to format your citations from the very beginning

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