an analytical report discussion help

Can someone help me answer these questions using this reference: dragga.pdf

1. On page 156, in the first paragraph, Professor Lay writes well established ethos.  Why does she write this?  Explain what ethos is and why she wrote it for this particular sentence.  You might have to look up ethos in order to answer this question.

2. On page 156, on the last line of the page, Professor Lay writes consistent use of figures needed.  What does she mean by this comment?  How does she want the student to revise this sentence?  What is the rule for writing numbers in a document?  You might have to look it up if you are not sure of the answer.

3. On page 157, Professor Lay marks one sentence as a comma splice.  Why is it a comma splice?  Rewrite the sentence to correct this mistake.

4. Overall, this report was written on a “less technical” topic than the previous report (the one by Paul Anderson) was written on.  What makes this a document for a technical writing class?  Please write one or two sentences here for your answer.  If you would like to, you could refer to the Locker article that we read at the beginning of the semester.

5. On page 232, in the first paragraph, why does Professor Roberts question the use of passive voice in the opening memo of the report? 

6. On page 232, in the second paragraph, why does Professor Roberts write unnecessary??  What is he thinking is unnecessary?  Why is he thinking it might be unnecessary?

7. On page 232, in the third paragraph, what is Professor Roberts questioning in his comment?  What specific phrase doesn’t he like?

8. On page 233, in the section titled Dependability, Professor Roberts writes Can you hear that this is jammed? What does he mean?  Please rewrite the sentence as if you were the student.

9. Please consider any other comment that Professor Roberts wrote on the paper.  What did you learn from the comment, or what observation can you make from the comment?  You can write a couple of sentences in answering this question.

10. Overall, what was the purpose of this analytical report? 

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