american revolution and taxation

Question:Why was taxation such an important issue to the colonists in British North America in the decade preceding the American Revolution? Your response should consider the reason that the British began taxing the colonies, how the British attempted to tax the colonies, and the debate over whether or not the taxes violated the colonist’s rights as Englishmen.And finally, do you believe the colonists who argued against the British right to tax the colonies were correct? Why or why not?


Prelude to Revolution VideoLinks to an external site.

Pitt’s Speech on the Stamp TaxLinks to an external site.

Download BurkeSpeechOnConciliationWithAmerica (1).pdf


For the Unit Response Assignments please use the following guidelines. Your response should clearly address the questions posed in the prompt. Your paper should be evidence based, using the sources provided in that unit. This could include lectures, online textbook, articles, documents, podcasts, etc. that were discussed in class and/or posted online. These sources must be acknowledged in your work using parenthetical references and by providing a complete list of sources used. (Your source list does not count for the assignment word count.) Please list sources alphabetically by author or title. Your response must be double spaced, use one inch margins, Times New Roman 12” font and have your full name at the top of the first page. Your response must be a minimum of 650 words and a maximum of 800 words, this does not include your list of sources. To earn a passing grade, you must meet the word count and format requirements. Your response will be graded on how completely and accurately you respond to the prompt based on the provided rubric. When you upload your assignment it goes through the turnitin plagiarism check. Your assignment must go through turnitin to be graded, I will not accept any assignment that does not go through turnitin. Make sure that you are using one of the following file types to insure that your submission is accepted. .doc/.docx, .txt, .pdf, .rtf, .wpd

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