america a narrative history tenth edition vol one volume tenth edition

America: A Narrative History (Tenth Edition) (Vol. One-Volume) Tenth Edition

by David E. Shi (Author), George Brown Tindall (Author)HIST 1301 book

Part I: Essays- worth 130 points each (x2- 260 points)

Here are your essay prompts: You will choose TWO. Please write a 350-500-word response, using a single spaced essay where you answer the following. You are free to consult your textbook for information to craft your essay, but the words need to be solely your own. Please consult a plagiarism guide if you are confused about this. You may also consult outside sources, but you must cite if you do. I do not care what citation method you use.

  • What were the main differences between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution? What were the most divisive issues the Constitutional Convention faced and what compromises did the delegates reach to solve them?
  • Describe the presidency of John Adams. Be sure to include both the domestic and foreign issues that confronted his administration and how he succeeded in dealing with these issues.
  • “Strict construction of the Constitution is more a matter of politics than principle.” Discuss this statement in light of the conflicts described in Chapter 7.
  • “The War of 1812 was an unnecessary conflict that solved nothing and brought no benefit to either side.” Discuss the validity of this assertion.
  • Following the War of 1812, political positions shifted, with Republicans supporting many former Federalist ideas, like the banks, and Federalists supporting former Republican programs. Discuss this phenomenon.
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