After watching video below on Starbucks expansion into China

For your initial post complete the reading assignment (see syllabus) and answer the following questions:

1. After watching video below on Starbucks expansion into China (located at the bottom of this Forum) explain how the initiatives Schultz discusses can be adapted to target the Chinese consumer. What are some of the factors Starbucks should consider as they expand globally into China?

2. Pick your favorite store. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of its current location, given its target market.

3. In many malls, fast-food retailers are located together in an area known as a food court. What are this arrangement’s advantages and disadvantages to the fast-food retailers? What is the new trend for food retailers in the shopping environment?

4. When measuring trade areas, why is the analog approach not a good choice for a retailer with several hundred outlets?

5. Some specialty stores prefer to locate next to or close to an anchor store. However, Little Caesars, a takeout pizza retailer typically found in strip centers, prefers to be at the end of the center, away from the supermarket anchor. Why?

6. Three approaches for motivating and coordinating employee activities are policies and supervision, incentives, and organization culture. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

7. You’ve been promoted to manage a general merchandise discount store. Your assistant managers are an African-American male, a Hispanic male, a white female, and a female who has worked for the company for 35 years. What are the strengths of your management group, and what problems do you foresee arising?

**Please make sure your responses tie directly to our topic focus for the week.

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