advertising and persuasion powerpoint presentation

How persuasive are ads on your consumer behavior?

Consumers are bombarded with ads everywhere—on the sides of buses, in social media feeds, in magazines and newspapers, on television, in movie theaters, and seemingly everywhere. Marketing is relentlessly pushing messages to us, with the intention of changing our behavior in a desired direction.

For your Portfolio Project, create a portfolio of ads and present them in PowerPoint or another presentation software. Throughout this course, gather and analyze ads from all around you. You are required to find a total of 10 ads, including:

  • Two different television ads that appear on programs you watch—use YouTube to find the files and embed them in your PowerPoint file.
  • Two different ads that show up in your social media feed—take a screenshot of these.
  • Two different ads from a magazine or newspaper that you regularly read—you may use the online version and take a screenshot or use your smartphone or camera to take a photo of the ad in a hardcopy version of the periodical.
  • Two different ads from outdoor advertising—use your smartphone or camera to take a photo. These may include signs (make them interesting!)
  • Two ads—from any media—that are for nonprofit or government organizations (e.g., American Red Cross, etc.).

For each ad:

  • Provide a one-sentence summary of the ad’s core message and the “problem” that it is trying to solve (e.g., hunger).
  • Identify the type of group(s) the ad is targeting.
  • Identify specific subcultures the ad is targeting (e.g., age).
  • Identify the income and social class the ad is targeting.
  • Describe any cultural trappings of the ad.
  • Describe the lifestyle and values of the target consumer.
  • Identify the “call to action” in the ad.

Next, synthesize your findings. Collectively, what do these ads say about you? Are you the target audience? Do these ads resonate with you? Why or why? Which of these ads would affect your consumer decision making and why? Did you uncover any ethical issues?

Summarize your findings from a consumer behavior perspective.

Your presentation must be at least 15 slides (does not include the title or reference slides). Include well-written speaker notes and informative graphics, and format according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Include at least four scholarly references in addition to the course textbook. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references.

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