Accounting class essay

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Carol Kloss, your boss, is concerned the news that there is possible fraud in his business might affect the company’s stock price. You have been asked to research transactions with related parties that were not adequately disclosed in the company’s financial statements. The scope of your research is to

  • Provide a list of the specific citation that outlines the required information on related-party disclosures that must be included in the annual report. (Use the Codification) P.S. Please look at the Codification Login Instruction to login that the website to get proper citation for this task. Most importantly, this file ONLY teaches you how to login the website to get information for the first task and this is not the instruction for the essay.
  • Describe the disclosures required for related-party transactions
  • Provide a sample disclosure of related-party disclosures from another company. (State the company) P.S. A annual report of company will be provided and please use the provided company`s annual report as the sample.
  • Give Carol your recommendation.
  • Use interoffice memo format.
  • 2 pages max, double space.

Be aware that the citation must cite from and the instruction file, which is not the file for this Essay, will ONLY teach you how to login and search the specific codification. Lastly, the username is aaa51950 and the password is km5F9Up. Let me know if you can login or not.

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