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Write a paragraph to explain how the AICPA can be of help to NEW auditors. Focus on the mission of the organization, the materials available to members, and/or guidance provided to practitioners. BE SPECIFIC! That is, be sure you list specific resources and programs the AICPA provides.

* Create a well-organized, structured paragraph using your own words. Do not copy/paste/plagiarize materials from the AICPA website or other sources.


  • A paragraph should be limited to the development of ONE idea.
  • It should contain a topic sentence followed by other sentences to develop the topic.
  • The structure of a paragraph should be topic sentence, supporting sentences, concluding sentence (optional) or transition to another paragraph.
  • Supporting Sentence(s) – provides descriptive or factual details, illustrations or examples, definitions, or appeals to authority. You may use whatever is necessary to give a clear understanding of what you are trying to explain.
    • DO NOT repeat the same thing or make statements for which you provide no support.

    Good English grammar and transitions is required

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