Review the case study found on page 340 of your textbook (ATTACHED), titled, “Finding the Right View: Developing Local Talent in Local Markets.”Using this scenario as a basis, in a two-page APA-formatted paper, using at least two peer-reviewed sources from an Online Library and the course textbook as supporting documentation, address the following issues.1) How employees will be selected for expatriate assignments.2) What pre-departure discussion points will be discussed.3) How the training and orientation plan will prepare and develop expatriates prior to departure.4) How employee anxiety and fear of overseas work will be mitigated.5) How a repatriation program will be instituted, including potential problems and solutions.6) How the transfer of knowledge of global assignments will benefit future expatriates.7) What strategies will be used to increase the participation and success of women in expatriate assignments.You should include a title page and a reference page, which do not count toward the required number of pages

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