a report regarding an alternative that minimizes co2 capture cost during co2 disposal

I need you to write a report of 2-3 pages regarding carbon dioxide engineering process. I attached 4 files which are: the project, progress memo regarding my section in the project, an example of the report how it looks like, and the instructions of how to write a report. look at them carefully please!!

carbon dioxide engineering process. This process has energy intensive steps that probably will not make the best alternative to design in detail. I need you to show and explore other alternatives of CO2 disposal.

remember the goal of this process is to minimize carbon dioxide capture cost. the cost includes utilities and amortized capital values.

my part of the project is to show Carbon Engineering Ltd has developed a process for extracting carbon dioxide from air by using CO2 disposal, so you need to select other alternative than co2 disposal for CO2 capture cost and justify why it was considered to be the best alternative and has less cost than the co2 disposal. read the file of the project carefully!!!!

**pleases use the same references in the memo and you can add more from reliable sources from the internet please.

-No plagiarism please!!!

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