9 1 discussion system implementation considerations 1

Complete tasks 1–4 for the below mini-case and post your results. Your audience is a systems analyst.

“Victorian Creations Victorian Creations specializes in the reproduction of furniture from the Victorian era. Recently the company updated its payroll software as an in-house development project. Users and IT staff members have completed comprehensive training sessions. The system has been operational for about six weeks, and no major problems have occurred. You are responsible for the post implementation evaluation.”


1. What are some techniques you might use to obtain an accurate evaluation?

2. What are some specific questions you would include in a questionnaire? Who should receive the questionnaire?

3. Are there general guidelines that apply to the timing of a post-implementation evaluation? What are they?

4. Is this the best time to schedule a post-implementation evaluation? Why or why not? Are there other options? What are they?

In responding to two of your peers, review the posted results for one of the three mini-cases you did not select. Provide constructive feedback as you would when performing a peer review on a project. Your audience is a systems analyst.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

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