8-1 Discussion: On the Job vs. Computer-Based Training

Domino’s Pizza was interested in determining whether a new employee could learn how to make a pizza using a computer-based training method (CD-ROM). The CD-ROM application addresses the proper procedure for “massaging” a dough ball and stretching it to fit a 12-inch pizza pan. Domino’s quality standards emphasize the roundness of the pizza, an even border, and uniform thickness of the dough. Traditionally, on-the-job training is used to teach new employees how to stretch pizza dough to fit the pizza pan.What outcomes or criteria should Domino’s Pizza measure to determine if CD-ROM training is an effective method for teaching new employees how to stretch pizza dough to fit a 12-inch pan? Who would be involved in the evaluation?Describe the evaluation design that you would recommend using to determine if CD-ROM training is more effective than on-the-job training.

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