7 paragraph drunk driving

Drunk Driving, societal issue which a child (ages 0 to 18) may face in our community,

at least 3 research articles in an academic journal which relates to your topic The articles you use must be published in an academic journal, which means you will not be able to simply “Google” or “Yahoo” it.

Read and summarize the information you found including:

  1. Why was this societal issue of concern to you? (Paragraph 1)
  2. What are the four most interesting facts reported? What how was each of these facts supported by evidence? Paragraphs 2-5) *Note: There are only 4 questions here but the second question should be answered with 4 separate paragraphs (one fact for each paragraph).
  3. How could this issue affect child care, school, and/or teaching? (Paragraph 6)
  4. What are some possible ways that the child involved with this issue could be supported by child care, school, and/or teaching? (Paragraph 7)
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