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Educators now have a better understanding of how students learn, and through lesson implementation and reflection teachers can continue to develop their mathematical pedagogy.Part 1: Lesson ImplementationFor this assignment, you will create a word for word discussion (to read from while teaching) assignment to teach to a small group of students.Prior to your LESSON,  During your lesson, ensure you are answering questions from your students, asking questions that support critical thinking and problem-solving, and observing the understanding of each student (this might require formative assessments before, during, and after the lesson to determine if skills have been learned).Part 2: Lesson Plan RevisionAfter teaching the lesson, review your video and obtain feedback from your mentor teacher on how the lesson went.Write a 250-500 word letter to your future self as a teacher and address the following:What did you do well?What could you have done differently?Explain how you will modify your lessons to meet learning needs.Describe how you will provide feedback to your students.Explain how you would revise your lesson plan based on your own observation from the video, the data results received through the summative assessment activity, mentor feedback, and your teaching experience.APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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