6 disscussion questions 2 1 2 page paper

Chapter 14 Discussion

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having so many levels of subnational governments in the United States? Explain. Do term limits seem to have more advantages or disadvantages?

Chapter 15 Discussion

Which model of bureaucracy best explains the way the government currently operates? Why? In what ways might the patronage system be made more efficient?

Chapter 16 Discussion

What in your view is the most important policy issue facing the United States? Why is it important and which specific problems need to be solved?

Chapter 17 Discussion

If you were president and wanted to gather support for a new foreign policy initiative, which three U.S. foreign policy actors would you approach and why? What do you think is the most advantageous school of thought for the United States to follow in foreign policy in the future?

-In Your Opinion

Select on of the websites listed and give a summary of the information provided and why you agree or disagree with the contents provided.

***If you were a business owner, what would your policy on workplace romances be and why?

Develop your discussion based on personal perspectives supported by materials gleaned from the text (as well as your own possible workplace experience).

A “well-developed policy” will highlight 5 to 10 guidelines with clear reasoning. Give this some thought. Provide details.

Crime against the United States? 1-2 Pages

Review the case against Edward Snowden.

Give a brief history of the issues.

Do you agree or disagree with the United States regarding Edward Snowden? Explain your answer.

2. Barry Bonds Trial 1-2 Pages

Associated Press: Bonds Guilty of Obstruction, Jury Hung on Others

The verdict in the federal Barry Bonds case is explained in this video:

GIve the facts of the charges of Obstruction of Justice and Perjury. Do you agree or disagree with the jury? Explain your answer.

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