5 page government essay

This exam should not be less than five pages long. • Synthesize ideas from the required reading and class discussions. • Use this format: double-line spacing, 12 inch font, and 1 inch all-round. • Provide a reference page if you use other people’s ideas. • Exams are due in the drop-box not later than Thursday Oct. 10, 2019 [11:59]. Write a concise essay that explains the role of the US government in contemporary society. In doing so, make sure to: [1] Explain the role of the national government in US society; [2] Explain conflicts and tensions inherent in that role; [3] Explain how such conflicts and tensions can be addressed as a practical governing matter; and [4] Conclude by explaining the implication of such conflicts and tensions for US democracy, going forward. Use APA/MLA citation format, Times New Roman, 12-inch font, 1-inch all round, cover page, reference page, spell-check, grammar check; Use and cite the textbook; No outside sources are required.

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