5 page APA Style report on hospitality and customer service

Students will be required to write a minimum five to eight page research report. Directions for Research Report:The idea behind the research report is to allow you to research, explore, and dive into a topic that will have effect on your future (related to service/ service leadership/quality assurance/customer relationship management, etc.This is your last chance to learn or refine knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) prior to entering the work force, use it to your advantage to report on the topic. Cover page and references required but not included in your report page count. If you need assistance with a topic, just ask and I would be more than willing to assist.The report will be typed, double spaced, minimum of five pages, 12-point in courier or times new roman font. You will be required to follow APA style for the report format. The written report is to be dropboxed on or before due 4/19/2015.

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