5 6 pages assignment

the below attachment include original research articles, Milgram (1963), Middlemist et al (1967) and Hammen and Krantz (1967) and Van Beest and Williams(2006). these articles contain some statistical materials but you do not have to fully understand that just understand the articles .

after reading the articles, answer the following questions in essay format:

1. the conduct of psychological research raises several ethical issues. based on the reading, identify and discuss briefly at least three major areas as an introduction to your response.

2. All four studies raise potentially important and controversial ethical issues. discuss what you think the controversy might be when answering the following questions. answer the same series of questions with respect to each study. fell free to make comparisons between the studies. REMEMBER, ANSWER YHE QUESTIONS WITH RESPECT TO ALL FOUR READINGS.

a. what is the hypothesis being investigated?

b. what variables are the researchers studying, and how are they operationalized (measured) ?

c. what are some points of ethical objection that a critic might put forth? (list only objections on ethical grounds, not objections about other aspects of the research.) feel free to develop you own ideas on the subject.

d. what is your overall evaluation of the research? if you were on an ethics review board, would you have approved the research? why or why not? would you personally have wanted to be in this research as a participant?

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