4 pages final draft paper 1

Readings: Ethan Watters, “Being WEIRD: How Culture Shapes the Mind” (422)

Wesley Yang, “Paper Tigers” (435)

Does the culture we’re born into define who we are going to be? Using the articles by Watters and Yang, write an essay in which you synthesize the work of both authors to consider the ways cultures shape who we are and predict who will become. Give specific examples to support your writing.

Things to get you thinking:

  • Watters talks about the possibility that there is no one universal human culture. Do you agree? Are you shaped by the place you are born?
  • Both essays spend time comparing and contrasting American and Chinese cultures. Why are these seen as the two extremes? Make a list of reasons. Look at the essays for evidence to back up your list.
  • Yang talks about pushing back against his Chinese heritage and the stereotype of the typical Chinese-American. What effects do these stereotypes have on Chinese-American self-esteem and success?
  • Final Draft: four full pages

Please upload (as an attachment) to Assignments on our Canvas site by class time.

Late final drafts will result in a full letter grade deduction from the final draft grade

  • Requirements:

*must have title/heading/page number *double spaced *1-inch margins *12-point font *MLA format

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