4 Page Reflection Essay on Communication and Diversity

I need a full 4 page reflection essay on Communication an Diversity. Some of the topics in class were gender, power, social class, etc… I have also attached some additional information about these topics.

Questions that may assist you in selecting a topic: What has been striking thus far in the course? What have you learned? How are you thinking/behaving/feeling differently as a result of the course?

The paper must meet the following criteria:

  • State an analytical thesis [please see http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owllresource/545/011]
  • Support the thesis
  • Refer to personal responses and experiences
  • Connect personal responses and experiences to course readings and other materials
  • Demonstrate knowledge of concepts covered in the paper
  • Indicate practical implications of your personal self analysis
  • Adhere to APA style (Include cover page, page numbering, in text citations and


  • Be 4-5pages long (not including title page and references)

Grading criteria’: I will grade the paper based on the degree to which the paper meets the

criteria shown above, and addresses the following:

Self disclosure: Openly examines your own experiences as they relate to the topic, to illustrate

points you are making. Demonstrates an open, non-defensive ability to self-appraise. discussing

both growth and frustrations as related to learning. Risks asking probing questions about self and

seeks to answer these.

Connection to outside experiences: Synthesizes thoughtfully selected aspects of experiences

related to the topic. Makes clear connections between what is learned from outside experiences

and the topic.

Connection to readings (assigned and others): Synthesizes thoughtfully selected aspects of

readings related to the topic. Makes clear connections between what is learned from readings and

the topic. Demonstrates further analysis and insight resulting from what you have learned from

readings. It contains at least three references; the references may include the text, books, and journal

articles (print or electronic), newspaper articles and/or magazine articles.

Connection to class discussions and course goals: Synthesizes, analyzes and evaluates selected

aspects of ideas or issues from class discussions and activities as they relate to the topic.

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