4 3 assignment crime and punishment

For this assignment, students will create a podcast, an audio recording, or a script.

***Your doing a script!

The selected deliverable will be based on the following scenario: you have been asked to speak to a high school class on the topic of “Does the punishment fit the crime?”

First, explain the types of crimes and the types of punishments that exist.

Second, provide an ethical explanation for the relationship between crimes and punishments in the United States.

To complete this assignment, review the Crime and Punishment Assignment Rubric document.

Textbook: Criminal Law Today, pp. 103-106, Chapters 5 and 6 (focus on specific sections identified below)

This reading discusses various defenses that are used by persons charged with a crime. Justifications for each defense will be explored. Specific criminal offenses will also be examined. In chapter 6, be sure to focus your reading on the following sections: The Insanity Defense and Civil Commitment.

To acess textbook


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